Parents Should Be Know When Their Children Playing Playground

- Mar 21, 2020-

Playgrounds are one of the most popular toys for kids,to make sure the kids safe,parents should be know some common sense.We would like to show some points as below:

How to play the playgrounds for different ages?

8 months to 1 years old: for this range ages,baby should be play short indoor slide,parents should be protect kids when they slide down,because kids are too small to keep balance themselves.

1-2 years old: for this range ages,baby can be play small slope and straight slides under parents’ protect.Parents can let kids know the playing regulations.

2-3 years old: Parents can let kids try small outdoor playground,and guide kids use hands to hold and leave the playground’s fence,it can be let kids control the slide speed themselves,it is teach kids how to keep balance themselves.

3-4 years old:Parents can let kids try bigger playgrounds and rotating toys,it is exercise kids’ body coordination,under the safe situation,parents can let kids crawl up from under the slide,exercise your children's limbs strength and coordination of hands and feet on a smooth slope.

Up 4 years old: they can play big and multifunctional playgrounds,but under adult supervision.