What Safety Measures Should Be Done For Outdoor Playground Equipment

- Feb 15, 2019-

1, Outdoor amusement equipment, although designed for children, in the load tolerance and other aspects are also relatively children produced, but also need quality inspection can pass the adult body standards.

2, Outdoor amusement equipment in the design of a certain design angle, each point of the design is purposeful. Therefore, it is best not to artificially add additional force outside and modify the structure of equipment support, all kinds of equipment need to be in the scope of the design to be able to operate stably.

3, Adhere to every once in a while to the outdoor amusement equipment to carry out an internal observation point inspection, found abnormal timely treatment, timely lubrication of lubricating parts, in order to maintain the normal operation of outdoor amusement equipment.

4, Outdoor amusement equipment outside the soft bag once damaged, inside the exposed iron or steel materials will be very easy to cause some unnecessary harm to the child, such as the discovery of external soft bag breakage, to timely repair of outdoor amusement equipment, so as not to scratch the child, the slide of the children's slide indicates that if there is a burr on the edge, it should also be dealt with in a timely manner, which is also the best protection for pleasure.

5, Electric amusement equipment and lighting are inseparable from electricity, therefore, the maintenance of the circuit is also essential every day. Check the normal operation of all kinds of electric amusement equipment before opening every day, so as not to affect your child's normal gaming experience, or even bring harm to your child. Also check to see if there is aging and breakage of the wires.