The Type Of Slide In Indoor Castle Playground

- Dec 03, 2019-

The various children's slides are one of the children's favorite amusement equipment in the indoor playground naughty castle,different types of slides use different materials.Common slide types: plastic slide, fiberglass slide, PE board slide three kinds.

Plastic slides have roller slide, straight slide, spiral slide, spiral roller slide and other types.The roller slide is mainly made of fiberglass.The large open slides in the mega ball pool are all made of PE.The most popular devil's slide is made of PVC leather wrapped the wood.


The most durable is the plastic slide,The slide is also smooth,Fiberglass slide has lower cost and higher cost performance,The most popular ones are PVC slides, which are beautiful and stylish and have a nice shape.It is the most popular slide for children and the most used by the naughty castle factory.

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