The Technique To Arrange The Outdoor Play Equipment Overall

- Feb 23, 2020-

How to arrange the outdoor play equipment appropriately? How to attach visitors’ sights at first time ? How to arrange to get the most effect ? It may be the questions for most operators. Now let's share our ideas.


1. The hot outdoor play equipment or advanced introduced outdoor playground should be arranged at the well marked place to increase the popularity, in the meantime, it is also a good opportunity to promote the new park outdoor playground equipment .


2. When arranging the kids outdoor playground, should pay attention to the principle of complementary. For example, educational equipment can put together with sport facilities.This is one of the technique to arrange the park outdoor playground equipment.


3. Different models of outdoor playground should be put at different place, which can not only assure the safety when children play in the outdoor play equipment , but also make the overall arrangement of outdoor playground more considerate.


4. Between the outdoor play equipment,should remain enough space for kids, so that kids can enjoy and will not get hurt due to large action.


5. Many park equipment may has the same function, so should put the park equipment with different function together, which can make the outdoor playground more amusing.


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