The Knowledge To Purchase Kids Playground

- Mar 07, 2020-

As the most favorable playground equipment, kids playground slide is the easiest to reach. Kids playground set is comprehensive exercise equipment. When purchase kids playground slide, the following matters should be taken into attention.

1. Preschool kids are generally 3-6 years old.They are in a very weak stage of life, the body and heart are in the stage of development, so ensure their safety as the first criterion, the quality of children playground slides must be good enough.

2. In general , kids like bright colors , so red ,yellow and green can be the principle colors of kids playground set.

3. Because preschool kids are so young that the children playground slide should not be too long. Small playground set is a good choice.While there are many kids , combined type of playground equipment can be the best choice.


4. As for the models of kids playground slide, people can choose it according to kids interest.Longly is a professional and substantial supplier of kids playground slide. Besides current types of kids playground slide ,Longly can also customize for customers according to actual place and specific requirement.

Longly is a modern enterprise focusing on children's recreation. Our business scope includes kid toys(soft play,rocking horse,plastic toys,educational toys,swing sets, seesaw) and kid furniture(kid table and chair,storage shelf,student desk and chair) and outdoor playground(plastic outdoor playground and wooden outdoor playground).

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