Soft Play Is Popular To Kids

- Mar 20, 2020-

The baby soft plays that Longly produces have the following advantages.

1. Longly indoor soft play is safe for kids’ health and environmentally friendly.All the products are soft and smooth on the surface,which assure the safety when kids play the soft play equipment.All the materials are complied for American ASTM standard,reaching the edible grade.

2. Longly soft play equipment helps kids to learn from games.All the Longly kids indoor plays are designed according to kids’ interest.With years of experience,Our designers specifically design the soft toys with carton.Because it's full of imagination,it can stimulate kids motivation to learn and know something new.


3. Longly baby soft plays are designed according to actual need.Longly can design the soft play equipment according to customers’ budgets and specific requirement.All the parts are designed according to kids’ features,which are complied for kids psychology and physiology.

4. Longly soft play equipment is easy to maintain.With 1 year warranty,Longly provide free parts within a year.

Longly is dedicated to indoor and outdoor toys for kids.Our team design, produce and sell to all over the world.Our principle products:kids swing sets,playground slide,children rocking horse,soft play equipment,wooden toys for kids,kids seesaw for school,and so on.

We sincerely invite customers from all over the world to negotiate and cooperate with Longly company.