Safety Of Children's Amusement Equipment

- Jan 25, 2019-

In recent years, the safety accidents of outdoor amusement equipment have occurred from time to time, which poses a serious threat to the safety of tourists ' lives and property. According to the investigation, many playgrounds in the children's amusement equipment widespread safety risks and even unqualified problems, and most of the site only posted safety reminders, lack of appropriate security measures and professional management personnel, easy to cause accidental passenger casualties. Playground Amusement Equipment safety, can not rely solely on the self-awareness of the operator and the parents ' own sense of safety, the relevant departments should put good safety clearance, as soon as possible to establish a playground amusement equipment supervision mechanism, the development and improvement of safety supervision standards, regular safety testing, the existence of safety risks,

Playground Children's amusement equipment that does not meet safety standards to carry out a limited period of rectification or shutdown, from the source to do a good job of passenger safety protection. For children's amusement equipment requirements, these equipment to have warning signs, Edge Corner can not be too sharp, to prevent paddling to people.

Safety station requirements, entertainment facilities around the need for a safety table, convenient for tourists waiting outside, amusement equipment rotation will not harm visitors. Tourist bondage device, some outdoor amusement equipment in the play will throw tourists out, this time the tourist bondage device is better, the binding device is also relatively soft, can be very good to bind the visitor's body, to ensure the safety of customers.