Routine Safety Inspection Of Children's Amusement Equipment

- Jul 24, 2019-

Routine safety inspection of children's amusement equipment

In order to ensure the safety of children's amusement equipment, the facilities should be maintained at least once every half a month according to the standard. Maintenance operators should conduct daily inspection, monthly inspection, quarterly inspection and annual inspection of large amusement facilities under their jurisdiction, and fill in relevant records.

Routine safety inspection of children's amusement equipment

1. Before the slide is opened again after being out of use, the staff should conduct routine inspection on the slide first. No sharp edges, burrs and other phenomena should be exposed where passengers may touch the slide. No crack, deformation, fracture and other phenomena should be found, such as abnormal maintenance in time.

2. Dust accumulation may occur on the surface of the slide, which should be cleaned regularly to ensure the smooth surface of the slide.

3. In case of bad weather such as hail, cover the slide with canvas in advance to ensure that the surface of the slide will not be damaged by hail.

4. When the slide is out of use for a long time, canvas can be used to wrap the slide tightly to avoid sunlight and delay the aging of the rubber coat surface of the slide.

5. Check the fasteners of slide connecting parts and tighten them when bolts are found to be loose.

6. Check the fasteners of the slide column, tighten the fasteners that are loose and determine the reliability of the relaxation.

7. Check the foundation of slide equipment. If the foundation is found loose, shifted or deviated, reinforce the foundation in time.

8. Check the aging degree of slide. If excessive aging of slide groove is found, please ask the equipment manufacturer to identify whether it can be used or not.

Routine safety inspection of children's amusement equipment

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