The Regular Materials Of Kids Outdoor Playground Equipment

- Mar 30, 2020-

There are many various materials to manufacture a set of outdoor playground equipment.Following are the regular materials of children playground equipment:

Metal part is essential to outdoor playground equipment.Upright tubes are made by galvanized steel tube regularly.Treated with spray paint in the surface,the galvanized steel tubes are good at rust prevention and Ultraviolet resistance.According to different thickness,the galvanized steel tube principally divided into 114mm,89mm,76mm,50mm.The thicker the galvanized steel tube is,the stronger it is.

Wood part:Our outdoor playground equipment are regularly made of imported Eucalyptus with good performance.This type of wood is not only hard,but also good at waterproof and drying property.Besides,It's not easy to wear, crack and deformation.

The rope net parts are also always seen in outdoor playground equipment.We principally use the ropes of nautical ships.It's not also safe,but also very durable.


The plastic parts:Our outdoor playground equipment are regularly made of imported engineering plastics and the materials that is Ultraviolet resistant,anti-static and fade proof.It's not only safe,pollution-free,strong compression resistance,but also has a good elasticity, and not easy to fade.

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