To Play Outdoor Playground In Right Way Is The Important Safeguard For Kids’ Safety

- Mar 05, 2020-

Kids are very happy when they play in outdoor playground , even sometimes they forget themselves. In order to avoid accident ,here we want to suggest that parents take attention to following matters :

1. Choose the right way for certain ages’ kids to play outdoor playground. For kids younger than 3 years-old , parents should stay by the sides to assist kids to play outdoor playground. For kids younger than 5 years-old ,kids should not play the outdoor playground that is too high or too steep.


2. Kids have to keep the right gesture when they play outdoor playground. When climbing up to top of outdoor playground ,kids have to go up step by step with armrest held. When going down the outdoor playground ,kids should keep their feet downward and upper body upright.

3. Suitable clothes in outdoor playground. When playing outdoor playground , kids can't wear the clothes with long rope or hard accessories.It's better to wear suitable trousers to avoid scratch when kids play outdoor playground.


4. Don't push or fight in outdoor playground. When many kids play outdoor playground in the same time , kids should play one by one and not push or fight in outdoor playground , which is to avoid accident.

5. Parents should keep watch when kids play outdoor playground, in case kids get hurt when play outdoor playground , parents have to give salvation timely.


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