Longly Pay Much Attention To The Quality And Practicability Of Outdoor Playground.

- Mar 02, 2020-

In order to ensure kids’ safety when they play outdoor playground , Longly prepares much when we design outdoor playground and choose material. All the plastic materials are complied with environmentally friendly standard, so that parents don't need to worry about kids health when they play outdoor playground.


Considered kids’ ages , the height of Longly outdoor playground is designed to be reached for adults ’ hands , so that parents and teachers can give supervision and guidance when kids play outdoor playground.

Finally ,the outdoor playground is just one part of preschool. In order to ensure that kids won't get hurt when they play outdoor playground , and also to decrease the price of outdoor playground, Longly design the outdoor playground to be simple. Longly outdoor playground pay attention to not only cost but also quality and practicality , which make sure kids safety when they play outdoor playground.


Longly company principally manufacture outdoor playground, kids furniture , indoor playground and kids toys.We design,manufacture and sale outdoor playground equipment ourselves.


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