Kindergarten Furniture Configuration Standards

- Sep 07, 2019-

Kindergarten furniture configuration standards: kindergartens can choose different types of different specifications of furniture according to their own education characteristics of different classes, but the basic kindergarten furniture configuration standards are similar.


1、Necessary furniture

The basic furniture of the kindergarten is distributed in children's learning area, game area, living area and other areas.

Study area: kids table, kids chair,desk, bookcase, writing whiteboard

Game area: toy cabinet, toy rack,mock kitchen cabinet;

Living area: children's bed;Bag cabinet, shoe cabinet, coat and hat cabinet, water cup holder, towel rack

2、Other furniture

Kindergarten in addition to the necessary basic furniture, according to their own educational characteristics, can choose to customize different furniture.

Manual area: long table, chair, display cabinet, tool cabinet;

Art area: drawing board table, stool, drawing board, watercolor cabinet, beauty labor cabinet, picture cabinet;

Library: bookshelf, picture bookcase, reading table, reading stool;

Simulation area: doll home, simulation of hospital furniture, simulation of supermarket furniture;

Outdoor toys: slide, naughty castle, etc

3、Different classes are equipped with different furniture

Due to the different ages and heights of children in the middle and middle classes, furniture sizes should be suitable for the height of children and meet the needs of ergonomics.The number of furniture should correspond to the number of children.The types of furniture should meet the needs of children in learning, life, games and other aspects as well as the teaching theme.For example, the small class of a 30 people, should configure at least, 30 chair, 5 pieces of desk of 6 people, 30 people shoe ark, 30 people schoolbag ark, 30 pieces fold fall bed, 30 people water cup is worn, 30 people towel ark.


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