Kindergarten Furniture - Children's Bookcase Selection Method

- Sep 03, 2019-

Among kindergarten furniture, children's bookcase is one of the necessary furniture. A suitable bookcase for children not only creates a 

good learning and reading environment, but also can keep the room tidy, playing an important role in the healthy growth and learning of 

children.So which is good for children's bookcase? How to choose children bookcase?Below share to exceed practical children bookcase 

select skill to everybody, help parents and Kindergarten director to select high-quality kids bookcase for children.

Kindergarten furniture - children's bookcase selection method-1

1、Select the right height

Whether it is to choose a desk or a bookcase, you must choose the appropriate height. Improper desk bookcase height will cause 

children to suffer from myopia and hunchback while learning. It will also reduce the child's learning efficiency and cause fatigue. The 

height of the bookcase should be chosen according to the height of the child, or choose a height adjustable product.

2、Check the firmness and bearing strength of bookcase

It is heavier when there are more books, this will test the stability of the bookcase, if the bookcase is not stable, then there are unsafe 

factors for children, We shook the desk and bookcase a few times as we chose it, try it whether stable.

3、Select the right shape

Contain acute Angle and burr desk bookcase to want to be far from the child commonly, the line of bookcase should sleek and fluent, 

circle or arc receives edge and surface processing exquisite best.Additionally one glyph, L form, U form bookcase suits the study with 

smaller area, moderate, bigger respectively.

4、Check out the material in the bookcase

Before buying to understand the bookcase bookcase production materials are environmentally safe, whether the surface layer is not 

fade and not easy to scratch and other characteristics.The paint that sees bookcase brush at the same time whether smooth even and 

harmless, whether to have pungent odour, the bookcase with unqualified quality may affect the child's health.

5、Select the style of the bookcase

Because the disposition characteristic of children so children bookcase has diversiform design, children bookshelf should not resemble 

the bookshelf of adult so inflexible, thick, should have a kind of lively feeling, also want to consider a room at the same time decorate a style.

Had better consult the child's opinion, such ability can stimulate the child's study interest more.

Kindergarten furniture - children's bookcase selection method-2

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