Kids Should Develop Good Habit When Playing In Outdoor Playground

- Mar 01, 2020-

When playing outdoor playground, kids have to observe the order. When they slip down from the outdoor playground , they should relax and straighten their legs ,lean back slightly and keep both hands on the guardrails. Kids have to wait until the former kid reach terminus that they can start to slip down .


Besides ,kids should avoid the following bad habit when they play outdoor playground .

1. When slipping down from the outdoor playground, kids point their chest at their friends in line behind them, which will cause the kid get hurt when he reach the terminus of outdoor playground .

2. When slipping down from outdoor playground ,kid keep his knees on the slip slide, which will produce serious friction between kid's knees and the plastic outdoor playground. At the time of  knees can't bear, it is easy to slip in the middle for the center of gravity and fall out of control, and even directly fall off in the sky onto the ground, which is very dangerous.

3. Kids climb from the bottom to the top of the outdoor slide ,while another kid on the top of outdoor playground is slipping from the top, which is very dangerous .


Longly wants to warmly remind everyone: if you want to care about your kids ,Please start from kids’ safety.

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