How To Choose The Materials Of Children's Indoor Amusement Park Equipment

- Mar 15, 2019-

For many children's indoor amusement parks now, children's Indoor park equipment quality is very important, children's amusement park is a play paradise, they have fun in the indoor park, so the quality of products must pass, for children to play facilities, parents and operators are very concerned about, Because a lot of families today are a child, so the child is the baby of the whole family.

So what equipment and material problems do you need to pay attention to when making children's paradise equipment? 1th: Pillar Raw Materials: the selection of Φ120mm and Φ114mm GB National standard galvanized pipe, thickness of 2.5mm, all processed after special technical rust removal, sand blasting.

Appearance disposal:

Outdoor Polyester System (polyesr/TGIC system) resin powder coated with paint, high temperature curing, external lubrication, UV resistance, colorful, not easy to fall. 2nd: Channel raw materials: thickness of 2.0 and 2.5 high-strength cold-rolled steel plate punching, through special technical disposal of the appearance of microscopic waves, safety and beauty of good anti-skid.

Appearance disposal: A, anti-slip plastic overlay B, resin paint.

3rd: Steel Pipe Accessories raw materials: outer diameter 28/32/38/48/60/thickness 2.5m welded pipe appearance Disposal: Outdoor polyester system (polyesr/TGIC system) resin powder coated paint. 4th: Plastic Parts raw materials: Imported food grade colored plastic, slide thickness: 10mm, other types of thickness: 5mm low density polyethylene to increase anti-ultraviolet stabilizer and electrostatic avoidance agent, strong strength, appearance lubrication, safety and environmental protection, good weather resistance, not easy to fade.

Appearance disposal: Die casting surface.

5th: Column cover raw materials: cast aluminum alloy appearance disposal: Outdoor polyester system (polyesr/TGIC system) resin powder coated with paint. 6th: Hardware Parts raw materials: Stainless steel semicircle head, T-type flat screw appearance disposal: mechanical polishing.