How Children's Indoor Amusement Park Equipment Should Be Placed

- Feb 10, 2019-

When we walked into the mall, we found that the shopping malls in the product placement are regular, more commonly used hot products in the easy to see the location, not commonly used products in the remote position.

And children's indoor amusement park equipment placement and shopping malls in the same product placement, are fastidious. In the children's indoor amusement park operation may be neglected and can not be ignored one, that is, the placement of amusement park equipment, put good can attract a large number of customers, increase profit income, so we must pay attention to the placement of children's paradise equipment.

Now let's talk about how to put it. First, we have to according to the needs of customers, that is, from the perspective of children to think about what kind of games children like to play, what kind of facilities are more attractive to them, these understand, we have to put these things in a conspicuous place, as an iconic thing. It is usually placed at the entrance or at the checkout counter.

Second, we should according to the advantages and characteristics between the equipment, combined with each other, through the popular good children's amusement equipment to drive the popularity of other equipment, so that children linger.

Third, to take into account the relevant safety issues, to allow enough space between the equipment, so that children have enough space to prevent collisions during the play.

Fouth, more equipment revenue situation, to achieve the exchange of information, relative characteristics of the call, improve the profitability of equipment and playgrounds.