Green Environmental Protection Children's Furniture For Children's Healthy Growth Escort

- Dec 17, 2019-

Survey, the majority of children furniture consumers are very concerned about environmental protection, children's furniture industry has become water paint consumption of large incremental market, as consumer upgrades, furniture of consumer awareness of environmental protection are also rising, the national indoor environment inside and environmental protection product quality supervision and inspection center director song ansheng says, interior decoration materials and furniture pollution is one of the main cause of indoor air pollution, and avoiding pollution focus is to choose environmental protection material, from furniture products and decorative materials such as source control.

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China has entered the era of green taxes, according to the regulation, will be held across China for benzene and toluene emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to impose green taxes, containing rubber paint and coating production and use will be severely impacted, the economy of environmental protection coating such as water paint is highlighted, It will force the production enterprises to accelerate the environmental protection iteration of coating materials.

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According to reporter understanding, many decoration company and furniture, wooden door production enterprises is consulting a waterborne wood paint are new product, there are business owners said that the green consumer choice, and under the double pressure of environmental protection policy, major furniture companies are stepping up their search for environmentally friendly alternatives such as water-based paint, and with the domestic water paint technology development and production of ascension, we are more likely to choose reliable domestic brands.