Children's Slide Design Considerations

- Feb 25, 2019-

Kindergarten children's slide is one of the children's favorite rides, also known as a happy paradise for children to play, is a to meet the children's contact with nature for the purpose of climbing, sliding, play function as one of the children's paradise. Through the three-dimensional combination of science, so that the kindergarten slide in the Set function handy, set entertainment, sports, education, fitness as one, is a new generation of children's entertainment center.

Also because of this reason, the powerful children's slide park is loved by the majority of children, become attractive to children, increase profits to win good investment projects. However, with the healthy development of the industry, people pay more and more attention to the safety of children's entertainment equipment products. High quality, high popularity and high safety performance are also issues that children's slide manufacturers must attach great importance to.

Therefore, how to improve the safety of kindergarten children slide slide has become the primary concern of many manufacturers? Here's a look at it with the little part.

1. All equipment that can cause the child's hands, head, body and feet and other parts must end.

2, Swing, shake music equipment must consider the cushioning performance of the product.

3, All equipment, there is no sharp partial exposure (such as screws, etc.), the exposed part may involve the child's clothes, children are at risk due to hooks.

The exposed part must therefore be covered by a circular cover.

4, Must have a high performance, high quality, durability, good materials for design.

5, In order to prevent children from accidentally falling, in the equipment and specific height, the guardrail must be set.

6, It is recommended to pad safely on the ground. In the case of a drop, children can rely on the pad to reduce the damage.