Children's Furniture Should Pay Attention To Environmental Protection And Safety

- Dec 09, 2019-

Children's healthy growth is parents forever hope, how to choose children's furniture for the healthy growth of children is also very critical, because children's furniture is a very important part of the child's growing environment, now to say a few essentials of furniture selection:


Choose the green environmental protection material, priority choose wood furniture, can avoid the harmful chemicals harm to children, children's furniture paint craft also is very important, such as UV painting process is very green, eliminate formaldehyde, benzene and heavy metal exceeds bid, prevent some toxic substances on the adverse impact on child development, so that the child will be able to live in healthy and safe environment.The furniture such as the ambry that stores toy and clothings is designed should accord with the principle of human body engineering, environmental protection plastic product is portable, durable, not easy to break, facilitate clean, also be better choice.


Pay attention to the safety of furniture manufacturing process, should choose no sharp furniture corner smooth, can be avoided kepeng to children, children can't be too soft bed, because children in puberty, limbs and the development of spinal bone marrow has not yet been completed, and a soft bed, easy to cause children bone marrow abnormalities, it is best to choose children bed storage space, can go to the lavatory the toy that places children, book, make the space of children sleek, children bedroom furniture is put should smooth solid, the brittle article such as glass should put out of the reach of children.


The suggests from LONGLY :according to children room space size, atmosphere and functional demand, take the way of free combination children furniture of choose and buy, flexible and clever combination becomes ideal individual character space, colour respect, mostly lively, nature and can be exchanged with design, give the child more free choice, cultivate their aesthetic.