Check Out The Ten Most Popular Children's Play Equipment

- Jul 02, 2019-

Check Out The Ten Most Popular Children's Play Equipment

Children's nature is play, some simple props can keep them tireless. So what do children like to play with? Check out the ten most popular neighborhood children's play equipment.

According to information that no matter when and where, children tend to be accompanied by elements in nature, such as water, sand, plants, sunlight, etc. These natural elements give children an ever-changing play experience, and also help them form cognition and control ability of the nature during the game.

Therefore, to sum up, no matter the derivatives or changes of community-type children's amusement equipment, they are generally inseparable from these 10 categories. As long as designers pay more attention to the understanding, application and improvement of these 10 kinds of amusement equipment, they will be able to make ever-changing products that fit the needs of children.

(1) Sand

If the beach is too far away from home, then a small sand pool can also meet the children's longing for the beach to a certain extent.However, the need to pay attention to the product design, do not forget to add a ceiling, so as not to sunburn children.

(2) Swing

There are many materials that can be used to make a swing, and the shape and function of the swing are varied, but the most important thing for the swing is to ensure its safety.children's swing

(3) Water table

Water is the most direct way for children to understand nature. Through this game, children can understand and control the flow law of water faster.This kind of play is more suitable for preschool children.

(4) Slip rope

This is a kind of expansion game that can be achieved as long as there is a high and low gap, which is both exciting and cool.Need to pay attention to is, the ground of slippery cable as far as possible with soft qualitative sandy land, muddy ground, fall in case children is injured.

(5) The kitchen game

Playing house is a game every child must play when growing up.If there is an outdoor kitchen, the whole block of children will gather here, branches, leaves will become their "food", someone play a cook, someone play a guest, not only play, but also social!Community-style children's play equipment

(6) Children's slide

No matter in kindergartens, parks, playgrounds or business districts, children's slides are often seen. While allowing children to experience "speed and passion", children's slides also seem to be adding more and more elements of fitness exercise and outdoor expansion. Now children's slides have become more and more diversified

Children's slide,outdoor playground

(7) Water park

We also mentioned before:water is the most direct way for children to understand nature.So the water park is a great way for children to get in touch with nature.Especially in heat summer,The water park all but is a paradise for children.water park,water slide

(8) The game fortress

A cool treehouse or fort may be the most stylish project in the community playground.It can be a combination of a variety of single game functions, It is also where designers can play best.

(9) The lawn movement

Lawn sports bring the whole family and even the community together, ball games and competitive events. Some simple props can realize unlimited amusement.

(10) A hammock

Hammocks are popular and children can rest nearby when they are tired.Set a few modelling distinctive hammock in shady place, can facilitate nurse or children rest, recreation, read, nap.

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