Basic Requirements For Kindergarten Toys

- Aug 26, 2019-

Basic requirements for kindergarten toys

Children's toys are important teaching toys in kindergarten, in addition to daily indoor activities, children timely to 

outdoor activities is also very necessary, so the choice of these outdoor toys has become an important matter.

When children play with these outdoor toys, they often lack the sense of order and are prone to chaotic scenes. 

Therefore, safety factor is the first issue we need to consider, and the safety problem is mainly manifested in the 

following aspects:

Basic requirements for kindergarten toys-1

1、The reliability of toys

If the safety of toys is not good enough, it is easy to threaten the safety of children, especially some climbing toys, 

in this aspect, we should pay more attention.

2、The solidity of toys

The so-called solid is the quality of the toys themselves, especially some hard plastic toys, if its quality is not 

good, cause breakage, will let the children hurt.

Some low quality toys, often can not withstand the sun and wind, easy to damage, so, the park in the purchase of 

kindergarten toys must pay attention to the use of toys, do not let the children play those toys that should retire, 

or the park should pay attention to the timely update of outdoor toys.

3、The environmental protection of toys

The so-called environmental protection refers to whether the chemical components contained in toys are non-toxic

 and harmless to children, such as the color fastness of toys. If the toys are painted with poor quality paint, it is 

easy to affect the health of children

4、Choose toys according to the quantity of children

If there are too many children in a class, try to choose some large toys, so as not to cause chaos in the children's 

order and beyond the carrying capacity of the toys.

Therefore, the choice of toys for kindergarten children should be paid attention to, in case of some adverse 

consequences. By all accounts, the safety of the children is the first priority, while the fun of the toy itself is the 

second consideration. Of course, it's best to choose toys that cater to children's needs and interests.

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